Robin Watson

Robin Watson

For some years I have been working with addicts, individually and in groups; within the NHS, private practice and as a volunteer for charities.

Recently, my client population has expressed the need for more immediate, on-line and digital access.

This website has been set up as a response to that need by providing a portal to that process, offering discrete and immediate access to proven recovery methods available any time and anywhere.

Robin Watson, founder of the Recovery and Wellbeing Partnership, is a dedicated drug and alcohol recovery practitioner helping people to recover from the compelling behaviour of addiction. He has worked in different category prisons (including high security) and with the National Probation Service. While working with NHS Inclusion (a specialist psychological support service) for many years he has helped those who felt without hope find a route to lasting recovery.

During his time working with prisoners, he was instrumental in bringing together peer based networks as a fundamental part of the recovery process, in conjunction with a psychosocial approach.

Robin Watson is qualified in behavioural medicine and addiction management and possesses a practical and educational insight into the biological, psychological and social functioning that makes up the nature of addiction. He understands the patterns of addictive behaviour and how addictive behaviour can be prevented and overcome.

Robin has worked within other community environments; with families, and with people without social networks.

Robin has his own story of addiction and recovery.

If you would like to contact Robin call or message him at 0753 150 7686 or by email at These details are given again in the contact us page section

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