The first part of your recovery begins with a conversation about your drinking or drug use – or both.

We won’t be telling you what to do. This is an important principle. If you decide you want to engage with us it will be as partners. You are the expert on your life and your drinking and/or drug use. Our skills are in helping you change the drinking or using aspects that concern you.

Right from the beginning we will make suggestions with an explanation of what we are proposing. You then decide what you are going to do. The reasoning behind this is quite simple: what you do will be your decision based on your understanding of why you are doing it, and because it is your decision you will be best motivated to see it through.

We want to find out who you are, what you like and what you don’t like. We’ll ask what your average day is all about; what you enjoy about drinking and/or drug use and what you don’t.

We’ll ask why you want to do something about it and we will talk about when you drink and/or use drugs, and what happens when you do.

This is a collaborative effort from the beginning and we take the view that our client is the expert on themselves whereas our expertise lies in the ability to help our clients change what they want to change.


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